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SOLD-2015-Dragon   PRS Private Stock Dragon - 30th Anniversary
ACC-4130-M   PRS PRS 3-way Toggle Switch Tips (Metric)
ACC-4247-1   PRS PRS Lampshade Knob - Amber
ACC-4246-1   PRS PRS Lampshade Knob - Black/Clear
PTC   PRS PTC Repair
ACC-123093   PRS Retro Soda Can Glass
18-S2031048   PRS S2 Custom 22
17-S2026447   PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi Hollow
S2023825   PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow
17-S2025639   PRS S2 Custom 24
17-S2027111   PRS S2 Custom 24
18-S2029598   PRS S2 Custom 24
18-S2035448   PRS S2 Custom 24
17-S2023669   PRS S2 Mira
17-s2023760   PRS S2 Mira
ACC-4267-B   PRS S2 Mira Pickguard, 3-Ply, Black/White/Black
SOLD-14-S2007998   PRS S2 Singlecut
17-S2024665   PRS S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow
18-S2031572   PRS S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow
16-S2018657   PRS S2 Standard 24
16-S2023447   PRS S2 Standard 24
16-S2020224   PRS S2 Standard 24 Satin
S2035721   PRS S2 Standard 24 Satin
S2036799   PRS S2 Vela
18-S2028685   PRS S2 VR Vela
18-S2029538   PRS S2 VR Vela
SOLD-11-176267   PRS Santana
1979   PRS Santana - Pre-Production 1979
245TS2-2017   PRS SE 245
ST245TS-2018   PRS SE 245 Standard
277FR   PRS SE 277 Baritone
277TS2-2017   PRS SE 277 Baritone
277SHVS   PRS SE 277 Baritone Semi-Hollow Soapbar
ACC-4511   PRS SE 5-Way Blade Switch
G00161   PRS SE A30ENA
AE40ENA-2018   PRS SE A40E
AE40ETS-2019   PRS SE A40E
AE50EBG-2018   PRS SE A50E
AE50EVS-2019   PRS SE A50E
AE55EBG-2019   PRS SE A55E
AE55EBH-2019   PRS SE A55E
AE60ENA-2019   PRS SE A60E
AXE20ENA-2018   PRS SE AX20E
CRFR-2018   PRS SE Chris Robertson
CU2VS-2019   PRS SE Custom 22
CU2WB-2019   PRS SE Custom 22
CU2SHGB   PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow
CU4TG-2018   PRS SE Custom 24
CU4TS-2018   PRS SE Custom 24
CU4WB-2018   PRS SE Custom 24
M04854   PRS SE Custom 24
SOLD-M30402   PRS SE Custom 24
CU4LFR-2019   PRS SE Custom 24 "Lefty"
CU4LTG-2019   PRS SE Custom 24 "Lefty"
CU4LTS-2018   PRS SE Custom 24 "Lefty"
CU4LWB-2018   PRS SE Custom 24 "Lefty"
P01657   PRS SE Custom 24 - 30th Anniversary
CU4SSCBVS-2018   PRS SE Custom 24 Spalted Maple
CU4ZZCBVS-2019   PRS SE Custom 24 Zebrawood
O21521   PRS SE Kingfisher
MHHB-2019   PRS SE Mark Holcomb
N28121   PRS SE Paul Allender
SASY-2019   PRS SE Santana
7GB-2018   PRS SE Seven
TE40ENA-2018   PRS SE T40E
TE40ETS-2019   PRS SE T40E
TE50EBG-2018   PRS SE T50E
TE50EVS-2019   PRS SE T50E
TE55EBH-2019   PRS SE T55E
SE-Torero   PRS SE Torero
ACC-4502   PRS SE Tremolo Bridge Nickel
ACC-4541   PRS SE Tuners Chrome Bass Side
ACC-4540   PRS SE Tuners Chrome Treble Side
TXE20ENA-2018   PRS SE TX20E
ZM3TG   PRS SE Zach Myers
18-251371   PRS Silver Sky
19-0268463   PRS Silver Sky
19-0272419   PRS Silver Sky
J1A2-MJISJ_JGJ   PRS Silver Sky
ACC-4291   PRS Silver Sky Hardshell Case
0270583   PRS Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition
ACC-4002   PRS Stoptail Bridge, Machined, Gold
ACC-4001   PRS Stoptail Bridge, Machined, Unplated Polished Aluminum
ACC-4500   PRS Stoptail Bridge, Molded, Nickel
ACC-4206   PRS String Nut, Regular
ACC-4204   PRS String Nut, Wide-Fat-Thin
ACC-4206-1   PRS String Nuts (Regular)
ACC-4204-1   PRS String Nuts (Wide-Fat/Thin)
12-190532   PRS Stripped '58
ACC-3113   PRS Suede Guitar Strap Black
ACC-3115   PRS Suede Guitar Strap Tan
PRS-Super-Eagle-II   PRS Super Eagle II
ACC-4040   PRS Tremolo Bridge Update Kit (unplated intonation screws + springs)
2008   PRS Tremolo Claw & Screws
17-245455   PRS Wood Library Custom 24
18-252649   PRS Wood Library McCarty 594
18-257171   PRS Wood Library Special Semi-Hollow
18-257203   PRS Wood Library Special Semi-Hollow
18-257382   PRS Wood Library Special Semi-Hollow
18-257805   PRS Wood Library Special Semi-Hollow
18-258061   PRS Wood Library Special Semi-Hollow Body
6019   PRS-GK3 Pickup Ring Adapter
6019-B   PRS-GK3 Pickup Ring Adapter - Black
6019-I   PRS-GK3 Pickup Ring Adapter - Ivory
6019-W   PRS-GK3 Pickup Ring Adapter - White
2040   PRS/Mann Vibrato Bridge
08094   Republic Classic Tricone Style 200R
06254   Republic Classic Tricone Style 207
07769   Republic Duolian 505
07818   Republic Highway 61 Standard
08010   Republic Highway 61 Standard
07958   Republic Resolian Model 810
07992   Republic Resolian Style 800R
PBGS14-6   RMC Piezo Saddle Set - Tune-a-matic
GB-0850-0RF   Rosewood Acoustic Bridge
5044   Round String Retainer, Vintage Tele
040099   Rozawood RD-29
18-S2031269   S2 Standard 24
ACC-3090-BN   SC 245, Bass, NICKEL (Covered)
ACC-3090-TN   SC 245, Treble, NICKEL (Covered)
7105   Schaller Low Mass Locking Tuner Set
7060   Schaller M6 Locking Tuner Set
Schaller-M6   Schaller M6 Tuner Set
ACC-4536   SE Acoustic Bridge Saddle
ACC-4524   SE Acoustic Nut
ACC-4563   SE Humbucker, Straight, Cream, Pickup Rings, Set of 2,
ACC-4533   SE Lampshade-type Knob Pair (2) - BLACK (SE ONE model)
7030   SE Locking Tuner Set
7030-7   SE Locking Tuner Set - 7 String
7025   SE Locking Vintage Tuner Set
ACC-4525   SE Pickup Ring Pair
ACC-4529   SE Stoptail Pickup Ring Pair (2) - CHROME
ACC-4501   SE Stoptail Studs - Black
ACC-4522   SE String Nut, Wide Fat-Wide Thin, black
ACC-4523   SE String Nut, Wide Fat-Wide Thin,white
ACC-4504   SE Tremolo Arm - Chrome
ACC-4527   SE Tremolo Pickup Rings
ACC-4506   SE Tremolo Saddles , 6 - Nickel
ACC-4539   SE Truss Rod Wrench
20005   Service - Setup Guitar
30001   Service - Amp - Re-Cap
30002   Service - Amp - Re-tube & Bias
20029   Service - Complete Electronics Re-Wire
20006   Service - Guitar - Acoustic - Re-Glue Bridge
20003   Service - Guitar - Change Strings
SERVICE-PIEZO-MOD   Service - Guitar - Piezo Bridge Modification
20010   Service - Guitars - Crack Repair
20008   Service - Guitars - Fret Level & Dress
20009   Service - Guitars - Partial Fret Level & Dress
20004   Service - Guitars - Polish Frets
SERVICE-GUITAR-PRS-P1-Rebuild   Service - Guitars - PRS Phase I Tuner Rebuild
SERVICE-GUITAR-PRS-P1-P2-Conv   Service - Guitars - PRS Phase I Tuner to Phase II Conversion
SERVICE-GUITAR-DROP-IN-INSTALL   Service - Guitars -PRS Drop In Kit Install
20011   Service - Guitars -Re-Fret
20030   Service - Install Customer Pickups
20007   Service - Install Vibrato Bridge
20002   Service - Misc - 1 hour
20001   Service - Misc - 1/2 hour
SERVICE-GUITAR-MODIFY-NUT   Service - Modify Existing Nut
20041   Service - Re-wire Humbucker Pickup
SERVICE-GUITAR-REPLACE-PRS-NUT   Service - Replace PRS Guitars Nut
11014-06-006   Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickup Set, Nickel
SHINO-1   SHINO Polishing Cloth
SHIPPING   Shipping Cost
W1-U   Shubb String Winder
SKB-6   SKB Electric Guitar Economy Rectangular Case
1SKB-66   SKB Electric Guitar Rectangular Case
3i-4217-30   SKB Guitar Case - Classical / Thinline
3i-4719-35   SKB Guitar Case - ES-style
3i-4719-20   SKB Guitar Case - Jumbo
SKB-3i-4214-56   SKB Guitar Case - Les Paul - style
3i-4214-PRS   SKB Guitar Case - PRS
3I-5014-44   SKB iSeries ATA Bass Guitar Case
1SKB-66PRO   SKB Pro Rectangular Electric Guitar Case
1SKB-44PRO   SKB Pro Series P/J Bass Hardshell Case
AMSOCI_U2LER_ST   Sonzera 20 Combo
Sonzera-50-Head   Sonzera 50 Amplifier Head
AMSOC1-U5LER_ST__   Sonzera 50 Combo
ACC-4535   Speed Knobs, Amber
ACC-4534   Speed Knobs, Black
ACC-4031   Stoptail Bridge Studs , set of 2, GOLD
ACC-4030   Stoptail Bridge Studs , set of 2, NICKEL
4051   Stoptail Studs & Wells, Gibson
2307   Stoptail Well, Set - PRS US Thread
ACC-4218   Strap Button & Screw, Gold, set of 2
ACC-4217   Strap Button & Screw, Nickel, set of 2
5030B   Strap Button, Black Qty 2
5030C   Strap Button, Chrome Qty 2
5030G   Strap Button, Gold Qty 2
5033   Strap Button, Nickel
5030   Strap Button, Nickel Qty 2
5040   String Ferrules
5032B   String Retainer, Bass, Black
5032G   String Retainer, Bass, Gold
5032   String Retainer, Bass, Nickel
CC01K   String Swing Guitar Keeper
ACC-4130   Switch Caps, 3-Way Toggle , Cream & Black, universal
5905   Switch Tip, Knurled
8002   Switchcraft 1/4" Input Jack - Mono
SB1-X   Taylor SB1-X

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